And The Devs gods said go fourth and create

And the Devs God said," go forth and create."

and wow didn’t some create 

Most of you that played destiny would have signed in to see what the new update(Shadow Keep) is all about.
I am putting aside the pewpew part on the moon.
Cause going to talk about the 2.2 armor update

You now have a chance to create game-breaking builds; devs are giving us a free hand to test new stuff, So why not let’s blow the whole dame room to kingdom come.

Just check this; “why haven’t the devs swung the nerf bat at this yet build” from SoaR Baken on twitter with this build you could go take on the whole red legion army then go back and fight their corpses afterward-

If you would like to try

here’s a list of the items needed and how to slap this ultimate pew pew zap zap build together

Armor 2.0  Cowl Of the righteousness    with Paragon Mod 

1.0 Sixth Coyote chest, which gives you two dodges. plus a Paragon mod

armor 1.0 Boots  with the “Distribution” perk  and slot a Praragon mod 

Armor 2.0 Cloak of five full Moons  with  two Distribution perk


Ok so the how does this do the mad pew pew 

Dodge cooldown  gets reduced at base By paragon 

recharge melee by dogging next to enemies 

throwing a few knives  at enemies  Gives  dodge  more cooldown

Coyote chest can give you two stacks of dodge 

So dodge like hell while running those three  Distribution perks  will  get you  a dam good boost in grenades,knives and super


So done right you will get  that super pewpew in 15 secs 

Now thats one build worth trying 


Destiny 2 Iron Banner non-stop

iron banner
non-stop pew pew Bounty 

OK after the last attempt of the iron banner I came across the next step in the quest to be the ultimate warrior 


I do kind of suck at pvp but all the same, I am in there to get the iron banner done and dusted.

Using an Xbox controller, I either do OK or real bad.

that’s OK as well it is just a game after all, and the good story-line is what I am mostly here for and having fun

Yup having fun is whats it is all about.
I hope you watch some of my pvp tries. 

just hope I get the quest done before the iron banner is gone