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Ship Builds
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Ship builds
ship builds

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ship builds are pure subjective, there is a pure dps build out there if you like todo that, I have chased dps and ended up with a lot of ships,items. that’s just sat in my bank and never got used .So I have now decide to do one ship one character with different builds .

Some ships might need a touch up at some point be it skill tree or boff/doffs. but that all takes time. also some might need a upgrade to fleet versions but that takes time get a rep to tier 6 to get the fleet ship module.

If I have stuff already on a ship I will not change it for newer stuff that’s better. have other new alts and ships build ongoing, that the newer stuff in game will get added to

there is a lot of unique builds you can do which can still hold there own


Dps is one thing put asking people to throw money at it is wrong.

note some builds are still getting posted might have just a few picture of ships ect. all this updating this site takes time.

so for each ship build will add 3 videos to them once I grind the traits or get time to make video

all build will do close to 30k that way they don’t get carried in tfo

each ship build will get 3 videos added to it over time

1 videos will be dps run with only the trait that comes with the ship

2 video will be random traits(ones i have grinded out)

3 video that will take a while todo will have the top dps traits when I grind them out ‘ 

at end of ship post I will show upgraded ship build with 5 traits

recap on my fun ship blogs

its all about having fun



check out my idea on chances to the game that could help make these build better or build them quick and of course The one

Check out my fun build play list on youtube



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