its yer Birthday

Wow, 7 years old and a 3. 7 update what does it all mean now well in truth to the haters it just means the same 7 years no game it’s still going to fail. It’s just a scam lol; this game can give us a big update with loads of stuff and things to do, and the haters will be still a hater.

Oh, wait, it is 7 years, and the dev’s good celebrate with a birthday gift which is worth the 7 year wait

Where to start?
well, of course, the politeness
Happy Birthday star citizen 
even though this game has hit 7 years of which I have played 4 or 5(too long ago since if first climbed into my ship in the hanger longing for the bay doors to open, and out I go into the unknowing).

The birthday gift hype

Wow, 3.7 has hit, and I am just starting to download it now(school holiday time here, family first).
The birthday gift patch is one to be excited about. Now I do like a good space barbie, pimp myself up and do the whole it’s “better to look good dying than to look ugly killing space barbie all the way” Thing. The amount of time I have popped in this game, I really hope I do look good dying.

into the big unknowing

excitement doesn’t seem to be the right word to use on how much I am looking forward to jumping into the big unknowing, cave diving exploring and mining is out now there’s something about drilling deep down into the unknowing that’s turning me on right now.

Anyhow as i wait on the patch download, i would like to hear what  you all think about patch 3.7? 
leave a comment below.


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