All good things come to those who wait

HAVE YOU EVER been so excited

HAVE YOU EVER been so excited just to be let down you ever had that first date when getting so enthusiastic about it you can hardly wait your expectations’ are so hi. It’s all you think and talks about,

you know it’s going to be it, this is the one you have been waiting for.
 For a long time, you plan for it save for it you know it’s going to be good, and you hope the end results will be so electrifying with some heavy breathing and an explosion in there also.

But to your dismay, the day goes terribly wrong all that money wasted on something that was not what you hopped feel let down like giving up. You have spent this money, for a sorry it will get better.


So you hold on with hope.

People always say you should give second chances.
anyone that has been following no man’s sky will know how bad a start it had it wasn’t near what we all hope for,
to keep this short and sweet
here are the patch notes yep the long patch notes we have all been waiting for

And as the saying goes all good things come to those who wait


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