Light up this pc

To tell the truth, I have not really done the iron banner that much. Just the odd time I have logged in did a few rounds then logged again. As for the quest well not paid much attention to them until now.
Spent the last few, em years in another game sto.

My titian character needs an excellent armor to use

My titian character needs an excellent armor to use. So this time around, I was thinking about doing iron banner quest/grind and going with a unique looking iron banner suit of amour.
Yeah right the thought was there, but could there be something wrong with my hand-eye coordination? Or was it just tiredness from doing the first few steps?

Now I do play destiny on pc with an Xbox controller

Now I do play destiny on pc with an Xbox controller yeah I know the big debate that keyboard and mouse will always do better than a controller.
Well to tell the truth none of that matters to me, I play games for fun, in pvp, I either do good or make lousy, kill or be killed.


I don’t need to prove myself at being some look at me; I can do this type of person. pvp in destiny is all about getting those daily bounty’s not about coming first.

ok back to the quests

Step one

I was on fire no slowing me down now

 killing enemies in Iron Banner.

Wasn’t too hard went in with my  ace of spade hand canon also a sidearm as my back up. The pew pew was straight forward, team kills counting to the quest grind, yeah I was on fire no slowing me down now

Step two

Earn points by capturing control zones

what no pew pew run to a zone capture it then runs away to another.

Having a good fireteam, this made this easy Peasie. pvp is all about the pew pew

but this  was a warm  welcome step ,just to help towards getting that amour.

step 3

                                                                light it up

why why why

Why can’t I do this why did the devs make this so hard that I wanted just to put my fist through the screen then pick screen up and launch it out the window

I have never been so frustrated since I was a teenage boy.

 After playing a few around, I started to straight up think that all those other pages out there that tell you about games and how to do things are full of it.

They probably didn’t even play the game just read about it on devs blog then wrote it there way on their own web page.

There is no way even playing this game straight for 24 hours not eat sleeping or doing other things that make you breathe fast. (yes this game does make you breathe quickly)

No-One can be that good can they?



well after around 10 or was it 50 rounds of  pvp I ended up getting this much done of the quest
 I shouldn’t complain as all the token I got came in useful, for going towards getting this hammered out
my ultimate goal is to get all iron banner done to achieve this triumph
 I know it will be a tedious grind, but the challenge has already been excepted, and I’m not giving up until i achieve my goal. I am a man on a mission determined now not to let this game beat me

oh look after

another 10 to 20 matches and making headway I finally get final supper blows and final blows done,

I have now become in my mind the highest Destiny 2 player pvp in the game.only an expert can achieve this high standard of gameplay


So i moved up 1%

My grand delusions must be a lot stronger than what is actually happening. One minute yer in a good fireteam causing havoc and then that silly iron banner man tell ya he’s splitting the teams to make them fairer.

Look ya dafty nothing is fair in love and war.

But yeah teams are split and look I now go up against a fireteam full of clansmen. yeah splitting teams to make it really unfair so look I moved up 1%

how am I going to keep these delusions of being the highest rank pvp player there is

Wow, it hurts. my fingers that are, but still going strong yes I am



I want to give up. But I will keep ongoing. failure at this time would be unacceptable this game will not beat me

I never made it. The event ended

I logged back in. I have failed the competition has ended I never made it I just wanna light this pc up and throw it out the window,

I feel regret, disappointment. Even the best fail at the time, but it still hurts.


“I stare at the screen something just doesn’t look right”

I stare at the screen; something just doesn’t look right.

I wonder whats going on that can’t be right, can it? did I manage to complete the quest

logging on to destiny web page my hart starts to race i see it i read it again and again 

have i achieved  the light it up quest? 

Could i still be the ultimate  pvp player alive ?

  • Iron Banner pursuit objective values have been adjusted
      • Reduced the grenade kills required by 50%
      • Ally grenade kills are now worth as much as your own

to be continued when iron banner returns

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