Ace of Spades

Daddy's got a whole new bad

yeah that right right I got after all this time I finally got it, and here it is.

Would you take a look at how beautiful it is it was worth the grind?
wish I could change the color on that, but it still looks badass

The grind itself wasn’t too bad I’ve ground for less and longer for items that well let me say that’s should have been easier to get as they  shocking sucked to death.

the first part of the grind 


The last call
No point in me doing a full walk through here, as well it been done before on other sites, that would be a waste of time.
It’s a straight forward missions pew pew and then some. 

Then visit the Mr Gunsmith in the Tower.

do some more pew pew story mode

got back see Mr. Gunsmith

now the fun part 

Oh, what fun it was to go in there with a hand cannon any hand cannon.
See all those monster go splat, or was it me for the first few rounds. I never was one for using a handgun/canon in any game.
It was a wee bit of a challenge to hit anything.
I feel somewhat sorry for the folk that was in there with me as I sucked for a few rounds (OK more than a few) until I got used to shooting  with a handgun. 

ok, more pew pew with a handgun a lot more like 250 more I’ve never emptied my loaded gun at so many monsters in my life my hand was pretty sore after It was all done.

What the??? 25 headshots (precision kills) with my hand cannon what??? I couldn’t even aim at some big headed  monster with that Gun, than try and get headshots in crubcible. I tried, and I cried I wasn’t good enough, I gave up never to go there again until I thought came into my head.
Free for all one on one yup I should get a few kills in there to help me to my shock the six members in there all took the one knee approach it must have been my lucky day.
Every time I came across another player, they when down on one knee and let me shot them in the face after I was satisfied I did a turn around went down on one knee and got spattered by one guy shooting at my face.
If I knew you could do this, I would have been in there sooner.

Open Cayde’s four caches in the Tangled Shore, EDZ, Io, and Nessus

more pew pew with a bit of treasure hunting mixed in

Complete the mission ‘Ace in the Hole’ on Titan

pew pew again you know the stuff


then head back to Mr. Gunsmith

what did you think about the grind?   leave comment below


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