Grand theft the one

Grand theft trolls online

This could be the only grand theft game that I have ever played. As thinking back to my younger years, I am not sure if I would even remember playing it on the first PlayStation, Life was all a bit of a blur back then.


Not sure how long the game was released on pc before I bought it, or was that talked into it. You know that one friend you have that’s like a man you must come to play this game its fun running yer own drug lab, come join us it will be fun. Well, it wasn’t fun cause like a most request to come to join us in this game, by the time I do it most have moved on to something better.
Well, to my surprise the game was fun, ok I only played the main story until I got to play online.

After like 2 days online, I ended up biting the bullet and getting the new player’s shark card thing. I had to I didn’t see any other way to get enough money grinding to buy my first biker business, at first I was like no way could this game be like this how can any new player get going without throwing money at it
then it hit me.


Yup, they’re the folk that is ruing the game for us all. There is a small handful that likes to make stuff look better. But the rest are just trolls that can play the game without cheating, it’s like this game encourages them to kill you at every chance, so you get that frustrated you end up buying shark cards just to be able to have some cool vehicle and weapon to have a little luck at shooting back. Why would a company get rid of modders if they help make money?

Same as modders you can spend 6 hours grind your life away create a lot of drugs, then once you go to sell it some little troll will fly/drive even walk past you and bang, all yer hard work has gone in 60sec. So what do you then do? Yes, that right you got it, or the game just got some more money out of you, when every other game out there tries so hard to ban trolls and grievers, this game says yeah on ya go troll away.


Is it a real person you get? Nope, it’s a troll pretending to be a bot or is that a bot pretending to be a just need to go on Reddit, Facebook or any other forum and you will see that many posts about how trying to contact support, fails with no help especial if you get banned(for no reason). Most don’t even know why they got prohibited until they try logging in, and a bot will not tell you that there is nothing you can do about it.
Which for a company that kinda sucks and lousy pr.

But guess what there is still one reason why you should play this game.
To me, it’s having that biker business or biker gang clubhouse, then trying to sell drugs. Its something that you shouldn’t do in real life but hey it’s only a game after all.

the one reason 

Biker club 




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