Star Titizen

Star citizen 3.5 ptu


as we all wait for the long download that never ended long number count down that we watch not calmly but with frustration cause it doesn’t go as fast as we would like even having ultra super hyper speed broadband still doesn’t make it go fast enough.


As I stare there, I start thinking about all the good things that will happen in 3.5, what I have seen on the net. How much time the devs have put into this patch making it be soo perfect.but all there hard work seems to have been for nothing they could have just added a pair of tits and some woman’s hairdo and called it 3.5.





screws the ships the new flight control none of that matter. Post after post after post has been about that pair of tits.

have we become that much of a snowflake gaming society that an alpha update to a game that now gives you access to tits is more important than fixing the gameplay and adding better features overall.


I get it that some would like to have to choice of what sex to pick. Some would even want the devs to add transgender; I understand that also. However, when we see that there is a whole planet that’s a city and not a word about it anywhere.


however, all we can post about are tits doesn’t that in some way make us sexist.


3.5 blog coming soon when download completes




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