Pilot Escort Science

Icarus class






ground gear

not done much with ground


Kits/kit modules


  • [Delta Expedition Tactical Kit Mk XII [CrtH] [Regen] [Will]]
  • [Tactical Kit Module – Repulsor Burst Mk XII]
  • [Tactical Kit Module – Cease Fire Mk XII]


Body armor

  • [Nukara Strikeforce Elite Environmental Suit Mk XIII [Env]]


Ground shield

  • [Nukara Strikeforce Elite Personal Shield Matrix Mk XII]

ground weapon

  • Nukara Strikeforce Elite Cryo Full Auto Rifle Mk XIII [CrtD]x2 [Sonic]x2]

peace ground set

ground devices

round stuff

  • [Small Hypo]
  • frosted Boots]
  • [Paradox Corrector]


Ship set up


Fore Weapons

  • [Hyper-Dual Refracting Tetryon Beam Bank Mk XIII [Acc]x2 [Dmg] [Proc]]
  • [Advanced Diffusive Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Acc] [CrtH]x2]
  • [Advanced Diffusive Tetryon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [Acc] [CrtH] [Dmg]]
  • [Refracting Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI [CrtH] [Dmg] [Proc]]
  • [Long-Range Destabilized Tetryon Heavy Cannon Mk XII [CrtH]x2]



  • [Omega Force Tachyon Deflector Array Mk XII]

Impulse engines

  • [Prevailing Innervated Impulse Engines Mk XIII [Spd]]

Warp core

  • [Prevailing Bolstered Warp Core Mk XIII [AMP]]

Ship Shields

  • [Omega Force Shield Array Mk XII]


Aft weapons

  • [Tethered Quantum Mine Launcher]
  • [Nukara Web Mine Launcher Mk XIII [CrtH]x2 [Dmg]x2]

Experimental weapon

  • Voice of the Prophets Mk X]




Engineering consoles

  • [Console – Universal – Biased Configuration Modulator Mk XII]
  • [Console – Threat Analysis Matrix Mk XII]

Science consoles

  • [Console – Universal – Spatial Sinkhole Generator]
  • [Console – Universal – Subspace Eddy]
  • [Console – Universal – Microprojectile Barrage Launcher]
  • [Console – Science – Emitter Refocuser Mk XII]

Tactical consoles

  • [Console – Universal – Sticky Web]
  • [Console – Tactical – Vulnerability Locator Mk XII [Tetryon]]
  • [Console – Tactical – Vulnerability Exploiter Mk XII [Tetryon]]
  • [Console – Tactical – Vulnerability Locator Mk XII [Tetryon]]
  • [Console – Universal – Nukara Particle Converter Mk XIII]



Set peace





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