Anthem’s The One

If warframe and destiny had an offspring, it definitely wouldn’t be this game even if it was destiny 2 and warframe they still wouldn’t manage it. If your thinking this game will be like Destiny you will be in for a shocker, in fact, if you do think that you might as well play destiny.

It’s funny how mainstream media try to say this game is a clone of this or that before they even got to play it, then cause of that, you then start to see comment after comment of that claim.


After playing for a few hours, I came to the same conclusion of everyone else; this isn’t the old Bioware that we have been used to

This is a new BioWare.

You know the new BioWare that we have all been asking for, but it’s funny how the same media that asked for new stuff. Then when they get it to write negative things about it cause its not the same old stuff, wish these folks would make up their mind cause all it does is make a good game sound bad.this is a new BioWare.

is it short well that goes on what you would say is long. is it 4 discs long like ff7 well nope not yet it isn’t.


what do you expect ? This game story ain’t over; far from it. new stuff DLC will come soon enough.

Yeah if you sit at a screen and not blink for x amount of hours any game will feel short, you played too hard and fast now you have to wait for an update. Did that get you angry? Playing any game too much will get you upset. Take a break, don’t complete it without going outside for fresh air. Then you might think its good after all.

the one reason why you should try
thankfully BioWare is trying new things; it’s a step in the right direction it could have been another battle royal type game.
The one reason to try

its not a copy of another game


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