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The crew two, THE CREW 2 tHe CrEw2

No matter how many times you try and say it, it still sounds like one of those adverts you get when sitting at the movies. you know the ones your sitting munching away on some overpriced chocolate bar.Then you hear this loud cool noise, slowly the curtains move back, and you see this cool ass hell clip.

it’s the follow up to that movie you watch over 100times.your mouth drops you stop munching away, eyes glued to the screen. You hear those words”The Crew 2” wow you look at the person sitting next to you be it a friend, wife or date, you say those words that sound awesome it’s a must for me.

A few days later you catch up with yer old crew, you know the ones, that large crew you had that was mad about the first one. All you can talk about was, ”wow did you see that clip that was so cool” you talk about it for days months, waiting on that moment you can see it. All members of yer old crew swear on it that they will see it on release all make a pack that you will get the old team back together watch the first one for old time sake.

months go past you start to talk less and less about it, the publisher company then throws a curve ball at  you- sign  up here, and you can see before its released. Holly smoking whatever you put in yer pipe.
It could be the best thing since that first kiss, that feeling when all those tingle goosebumps go all over your body.

You feel alive you want to share it with all yer old crew, what it feels like but the sad part is that large team has lost a member or two they have moved on, no longer feel that buzz like before.

Hey but that’s ok their lose, the crew is still big it’s going to rock.
The reviews start slowly trickling in, some more of your crew read all the bad ones and stop talking to you or avoided the subject. You know deep down inside that the reviews might be genuine, but hell no that ain’t stopping you.

You still have a small crew left it will always be you dive in head first throwing all yer hard earned cash at it even going for the ultimate golden universe copy with added special edition milk float giveaway” wow that’s going to help you win a lot of races.”

The day comes you stand in line for hours soaking wet. It is not the rain that’s making it bad its that smelly person behind you that peed himself hoping the wetness from the shower will hide the pee patch. But hey today’s the day.

You run home to put the disc in and wait and wait and wait!!!! You spent the last part of the month watching every youtube review out there downloading all the clips and guess what ? you used up all yer internet dater and it’s going slow, just about as fast as the milk float you got free. That update is as long as a movie but with slow internet, it might a well as being as long as getting made to watch all of Dawson’s creek again.

The time you get to start all your crew has gone, some didn’t even bother to go line up next to that smelly person in the rain just to be first. They changed there mind, but hey lest you have that milk float that will be fun right? Without your crew, it all goes flat, you get confused lost, not knowing what the hell happened.
You got to see it before release, were you that high on milk from that weird milk float. That you thought it was the best cheese you have ever eating?

A few months later, your sitting board not knowing what to do. Looking at all the entertainment stuff you have and not one thing seems reasonable. Then you see it,,, that milk float it’s worth one more try you think.

There has got to be one reason to give it another go?
so you do

you get a message” hey can I join your crew 2 “

yes yes yes there it is

The one reason to give it a try

There’s always more crew members out there

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