The game that should be an exotic work of art This is one of these types of mmo that will take your life away from you in a flash.
When you log on then switch off again you will notice that time has slipt away from you, one whole day has passed, but it was fun,
So you log back in thinking yeah it’s just another day two days then turn to 3 next things you know all your friends are married and have kids and you still living at your mum and dads house, but hey that’s ok cause this game looks and plays better than real life. Who wants a wife and kids, that take your gaming time away from you.charactors in this game look amazing and do what you want, isn’t that better than the real thing?



This game is on steam for the price of a cup of coffee and a tiny cake.if you look at many reviews on there some are bad, for the cost of the game I don’t think you could have much to complain. However, yeah there are a few things.








pay to win(p2w)
No matter what mmo you play, there is always one or two post put there from some person who either had a bad experience with the game or couldn’t play it. Doesn’t matter what forum or social network you use for gaming news there will be that troll”oh look at me I’m a smart arse post.” Now the question is, does this game deserve these kinds of post? Well, the truth is it’s both yes and no.


In the yes corner we have the changes that the devs made that make people now say the game is pay to win. Those dam cron stone, you need them to help upgrade weapons and armour.devs made it now that if you spend money on customs from the pearl store, you can turn them into cron stone, oh those bad devs how can you do that to us players? We were happy to grind away hoping to get one cron stone a day, lest my archenemy could only get one stone now and again. However, does that make that pay to win?


In the no corner My arch enemy even when he only got a corn stone every now and again still kicked my arse up and down the town. Guess what you can also spend yer kids college fun or your lunch money to buy us much customs as you can, then melt them into cron stones, and bam yer gear is excellent, but you still good a beating of a lifetime.
truth be told this is one game that the whales can play all the way they want and it does not interfere with the social players the space barbie effect” its better to look good dying that to look ugly killing space barbie all the way.”
so is this game pay to win well that depends on how you are and how you play.


I think I am going to leave this blog here yes I can write a few pages on this game, but you would get bored. My advice to you is for a cup of coffee, and a cake this game is worth a try it does has that one reason after all.

the one reason why you should try is

The space barbie effect. Wow this game is so well made the characters are space barbies trust me on that.



space Barbie



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