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To seek out and explore all changes needed


After my last blog here, where I told much bad stuff about the game. It got me thinking about what would make the game there anything that would get players to log on for longer than 1 hour at a time
Like most of you out there, I do my best thinking in the shower.

After a while there, I came up with a few ideas that might benefit the game.
Most of us have some things we would like to add to the game. So please don’t criticize it too much.

Space; Space is big; space is dark, space is black that why we say “see you out in the black.” I am sure one day when we are all flying around drunk in our spaceships, it more likely would be days, months, even years before we came across another ship. However, for some reason in sto, not even 30 seconds in sector space we fly past other not saying we should play for hours and never see anyone else, just that space should be more prominent. I saw someone ask this before and the replay from someone else said that he like meeting other people and passing many players in sector space so they shouldn’t change it(I wonder if he still plays?).



I am staying on the subject of space, actually, the size of the planets. when you see them in the game, you will understand why I say each sector should be more prominent. Just about every world you warp past in sector space, is the size of a football? Your ships in most cases are like small moons,or someships are the same size of a planet.




I’ve never been good at physics but if your ships were more significant area to planets, wouldn’t it have a large gravitational pull?. Our ships would have small moons orbiting them ;). Alternatively, even worst. The gravitational pull from those ships would knock all the planets of orbits as you flew by.
let’s make space bigger make the emersion of the game better

Reputation system Probably this whole system needs a significant overhaul, the devs did add teir 6 to each rep, it gave us new items, but in the end, it was just like giving us another rep to grind. Something that this game no longer of the worst things about rep systems is that the time it takes to complete the 19-hour lockout cooldown timer makes it take longer, that by the time you finish it you have almost forgotten why you even started it in the first place.



Removing the cooldown time would be a most welcome change to the rep system.

Remove the cooldown, give each tier more reputation points to complete. So to say, tier 1 right now unlocks at 5000 reputations. What if it got changed to 20000 or 40000. Since we no longer have that 19-hour cooldown. We then have a schematic for each item we obtain, From the rep store. The Blueprint then has to be crafted. The crafting time could be 76 hours, but can get rushed with dilithium, we have so much crafting items in the game, but nothing to craft for this would help use up some of it and another dil sink.





Tfo(task force operation)

tfo must give the devs the sorriest head. There are always many complaints about it after they change the way the Hub looked. I think they should either remove the tfo hub or replace it again.

When red alerts pop up let’s say it’s a borg red alert when you click to join it, it will warp your ship to where the Borg are. All tfo should be the same each tfo has a central place/planet on the map so you can head straight there to start it or get warped there like with red alerts. We do fly space ships after all.

Captain Picard didn’t sit outside esd, pick a mission start it, then return to esd after it; he was an explorer after all. People complain about the exploration in the game, but then still sit outside esd and click away. we need to get more people moving in this game; you can do most of it after reaching rank 50 by just sitting outside esd.

Tfo also have to change to way we get reward doing something on regular will reward your marks, but you then can’t buy any items with those marks, cause you also need elite marks, yes you can trade in 100 for one elite marks(once a day).

Doing tfo on advance will get you elite marks, but the weird game design flaw is that you need to be able to advance to get the stuff so that you can do advance. It doesn’t make sense. most or all new rank 50 players, will not be able to do advanced stuff, so why have it this way?.

All elite marks should be able to obtain on easy, that would make it better for new players to get ahead or catch up quicker. The advance should have other rewards added to them, after the end of the tfo(advance) it should give out a random drop say something like one upgrade token when phoenix loot box comes around instead of getting free ones from Drozana station.


Advanced tfo could then give a random chance to obtain one alternatively. There are many possibilities out there that the devs can add as reward. Will talk about that later.

Since we now have better rewards or random ones for advance. It now gets made a lot harder to do, bring back what it used to be like when you needed an engineer(healer) also a science captain.

you then have to help keep teammates alive, could also make it the when you die/pop you can’t respawn, teammates have to try to heal you until fully recovered. Would be a fun thing that after the tfo is over, you then have to repair your self but this takes time, or fleet member can use tractor beam and tow you back to the nearest starbase. Just fun things like this that would be a welcome change.



Another thing that could get changed for tfo is that when you are ranking up at rank 5, you can play some tfo, to obtain fleet marks. Right now You have nothing to buy with them until you are rank 50. The game should change that you should be able to obtain fleet gear, that way new players will have a chance to improve their shipbuilding skills and get more knowledge about game mechanics while ranking up.




The Ships

The fun part of the game,


There are many ships right now to chose. Some of the lower tier zen ships are fun, but they’re not worth it, except if you want a console from them.
If you buy to say a teir one zen ship, Not even within an hour you have rank up and ship well you can still use it, but you now have access to teir two ships (with the free one). you get free ships every ten levels.

In the end, it is even not worth buying lower tier ships when you stop using them after an hour of gaming.

What if you could upgrade those ships. What if ships schematics got added to a random drop at the end of can then craft that part. If you don’t need that part, you can trade it at a particular trading post for zen(will get to that later).
Each promotion a new player gets unlocks new tfo’s to help obtain the parts.


Possibilities of build up these lower tier ships are endless, take the tier 6 ships specialization, Command, intelligence, miracle, pilot, temporal. When you finally upgrade your lower tier ship to level 6 you can obtain one of those specializations from a random tfo drop and get to choose which specialty the one you want on your ship.

(just a thought I don’t think we need any more traits in the game I would be happy to buy ships without these features now and be able to upgrade the devices slots)

Tier 7 ships.

We don’t need them we don’t want them.

We do need things to do in-game. Tier six ships what to do with them? Why not let us upgrade them same as lower tier. We get to change the device slots look at level 6 tactical escort slots.



She has two device slots. The ship stealth fighter sets have three parts one is the quad cannons,, Which goes in the weapon slot. The other two-piece,”[Console – Universal – Quantum Warhead Module],”[Console – Universal – Cloaking Device].

these consoles are universal, what if we got to upgrade the device slots on all ships so the only the ship’s console set/peace could fit in them, that would free up other slots.the enhances for these could be added to advance tfo.


lootbox ships

We have all been asking for these to be account unlock since time begun.

What if when obtaining one, you were then able to go to memory alpha and obtain a ship schematic.

Also same as above, you got to build that ship up on other characters, collecting the parts from advance or elite tfo, any part you don’t need you can trade for zen.

At some point, some government is going to spit the dummy about gambling in game. If the above got applied in play, it would be an easy switch over from loot boxes to just adding those ships building parts to the tfo.

Memory Alpha

If my memory serves me right, this place has already got crafting consoles; all the above can be implemented there. The exchange console on alpha could be used for the trading of ship parts for zen.


I think trading zen player to a player would ruin the game, having it done on an exchange would be more plausible.

Also, all ship should be shown there like a museum let players see these ships then have a tab so that the vessels build canon style.
I have no idea why memory alpha was closed down but now is the time to open it up again.


One thing this game needs is a good guild, In-game to help new members. Star fleet academy should have classrooms in it to which you can go to and read up about game mechanics also each class should have a test,you then have to pass that test to get upgraded to next teir.that could help players learn as they go instead of getting to a higher rank and still not nothing anything game related


New updates

One thing the devs did drop the ball on, was when they rush out the discovery arch. There was a better way of applying it into the game, was also a way to make it fun again.

There was a better way of applying it into the game, was also a way to make it fun again. That portal outside esd, Aenigma nebula could get changed to a time portal.


If you then want to play the discovery arch, you would take your ship through that portal and be on a different instance/ server from other players(except those that are playing this arch).we can still use the same chat channels.

Now because this is a different time zone, no traits should be slotted on any ships, yup that’s right! (get back to basic). Now sector space here will be changed so that you can cloak ships, Fire weapons use tractor beams on other players.

Would it not be fun flying along and shooting at other players having a pvp battle? Now since there are no traits each player will have a chance, not to pop.fleet members will be able to come and help if attacked. Possibilities are endless.

Same goes with the gamma quadrant; it should be for those that like to pvp with traits, they should be allowed to go through the wormhole, and gamma quadrant is one big space battle zone.



Players will be able to shoot at other players, like in the discovery arch, could also make space 3d.

I think it only should be other fleets members you can kill. That way fleet members can help you but not shot the time new players get to this arch they might have enough build sense to stand a chance. Get a clocked ships and hide lol.

also if space were made significantly more massive, it would be a little bit harder to troll players in these pvp zones


For them none pvp players, the fleet builders, the social players.
Since space has been made bigger, we can have fleet missions; These are designed to help newer fleets build quicker.

There is much stuff in the game that we don’t need todo much with. Commodities can be used in fleet missions, pick a task to drop of products on some planets space is bigger, so it takes a while to get there.

when you beam down, you could do a little quest, Like to help build power generates. Whatever the colony needs help with, the reward for these are fleet marks and fleet would be easy for the devs to add random fleet missions like this, plenty of sector patrols could get a makeover so that the rewards are fleet dilithium,

Ground pvp

Needs new maps, a new way to play. For fun yep let us jump on the bandwagon and add a battle royal.

to start with let’s add it to andoria, yup the cool snow planet.



when we join the game, we can only use the items that we obtain from the winter event “the snow blower” “hail”.

To start off with this will be a gigantic snowball also must have on a winter coat, or you freeze to death.

Rewards for this could be some andoria rep, the more you play, the more points you get. Item rewards could be coats with buffs on them, nothing too intense. some can even have clocks; weapons can be obtained. However, the special weapon will only be purchased from the winter store each year, when new ones are added. Endless possibilities this could be fun!

Social zone

A few other social zones, would be good for the game. The maps are already here, some mission maps are amazing and would like to visit them without doing the pew pew stuff. ‘
We can add shops to these places, where we can buy clothes be it lobi store clothes or new clothes.
What about clothing patterns, we can use all that crafting stuff also to make them, could also add pets store, it would be better than sitting outside esd, click a tab, to buy what you want.
Give us shops to buÿ these items, make us explore the stars.



chance this a little bit to

united federation only can be done in Federation space.’’
Klingon empire only can be done in Klingon space
Romulan rep only be done in Romulan space
ferengi alliance only be made around ferenginar. ‘

Anymore admiralty that gets added will be the same.
People want to explore so make them move more about the game.


all this is just some ideas that I came up with like I said before we all have them, so let’s share them, leave a comment below with your ideas…







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