The saddest day for humankind Yes is you watch my video you will notice, that the first thing I did when I saw an animal was shot it.
Why do we do such things, why did the devs let us shot animal if we cant skin them then take them home and have a bbq.

The world has gone to pot no food nothing, but we just can’t eat deer.
Come on devs we need to eat, all the NPC people look hungry, and I just wasted a deer. you know what happens when you kill an animal and just leave it to root, it starts to smell, then the rats come, then diseases, we only just had one, don’t let us spread another one.
Come on devs lets save my sol, don’t let what I just shot go to waste.

If you have ever play d1 you would most like be playing the beta the is some tips
• don’t kill the animals is cruel and sad.
• run in packs like an animal you can shoot more that way
• like animals, be greedy try get your lion share of the loot

It hard to say how this games going to end up, (if we can’t eat) but it looks like it will survive like d1.
Ubisoft is doing good jobs the now, so I ain’t going to jinx them yet.

the one reason why you should buy this game
if you have played the first you should definitely get this

if you played the first
I will preorder just for the bonuses

a short and sweet review will update when the game is released, and update youtube

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