Ace combat 7 Devs unknowing

ace combat 7
skies unknowing
Unknowing to the devs the plays that have been waiting on this for so long like to use flights.

Unknowing to the devs they are other flight stick out there than the only one the devs made controllers for.

unknowing to the devs that if they only made controls for one type of stick steam reviews won’t be excellent.

unknowing to the devs this game wouldn’t have”ace combat” if I cant use my x52.

Unknowing to the devs this game could be a lot better .

Unknowing to the devs we learned that after 2 hours on steam you can claim a refund.





Unknowing to the devs the using Xbox controller on pc makes this game suck.

Unknowing to the devs I ain’t going to splash out on another flight stick.

Unknowing to the devs that it’s a good game made wrong by the lack of controls setup.

Unknowing to the devs, I don’t actually hate this game.








Unknowing to the dev I could keep this up all day, but I am not.


unknowing there is still one reason to buy this game








if you have one of the supported flight sticks

unknowing to the devs, that I will update after a few patches


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