Gambling boxes in a game and who to blame?

Over the last few years, loot boxes have been at the top of the gaming news. We all know what happened with a few gaming companies that tried to be smart and cocky about putting loot boxes in games. I am not going to name them, just going to rant about who is to blame? Is it the game makers or the game players?

But before I get into that, I just want to ask are there any differences between loot boxes that have a specific item that can give a player a significant advantage over other players or box that contain a thing that just makes you look good? I guess it comes down to what type of player you are. To me, it is still gambling. Both boxes are there to target players into trying to get that wow look at me -see what I got an attitude.

I remember back when games never had them you had to grind yer life away just to get that item. Was the grind worth it well yes it was, and if you got there before another player then that made it all the better? Then microtransaction got slapped into games.i have no problem in some mmo to spend money on stuff you take sto(star trek online).

Its free to play so to keep that green light(sever) on, they have a zen store in which you can buy ships from. If there is vessel you like, it will cost the price of a regular game to get that ship. the game will be around for a long time so yeah its worth the 35 euro for 1 to 9 years of fun(games been around that long)
Microtransaction or gambling in games that you already paid 45 to 100 euros for should not be a thing.

So do we blame to game makers Company’s need to make money to stay afloat so does the publishers, then we have the shareholders these are the folk that invests in gaming companies to make more moneybox I don’t think you would spend if you never got a return on your investment. But how much do they need to make? Most do make a lot form the sale of games, but then the greed kicks in with all these microtransaction and loot boxes. It used to be about the games now it’s about making a shit load of money.

the gamers
a lot of us out there blame the game makers for being greedy truth of the matter is some players are just as bad. “The whales” them that have a lot to much time and money on their hands that they don’t care about gambling in games it fun for them, some even make a profit ”just look at eBay, and you will see how much in-game items that came from loot boxes are for sale on there”.

Each need each other game maker wouldn’t put gambling in games if people just dint gamble, game players wouldn’t gamble if game makers did ad it to games a vicious circle that has no end in sight.

We can debate this for ages there are them for and them against and then there is the organized crime that goes a lot with it. Yup the gold sellers, the thefts, they use stolen accounts credit cards and ever mean they can think of to get those gambling items then try to sell them on their web pages.
That’s one thing that needs to be stopped, you know how many people have lost a lot because of this gambling in games.
Gambling does ruin life’s, and it’s destroying the games we play…..


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