Ea access/origin

By now you have probably seen this advertised somewhere and wondering if it’s worth the money.
Most time when I do the one blogs, I rant the bad bites, but I’m not sure if there is that much to rant on.

Only one thing that get me on the pc versions is that there are a few games on the Xbox that I would like to get on the pc, I wish they would post them over.
mass effect games should have got a better controller setting on the pc version; I hate having to do keybinds my self using a 3rd party program

the last thing is I wish it were more like Microsoft game pass where some games you play anywhere using the same account on pc and Xbox,
However, all above isn’t that much to not go ahead and subscribe to this for a year. its worth it on whichever system you do it on. Plus Ea will add all new games to it.

the one reason why you should go ahead with this is that its worth it

the one
worth it

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