Star Citizen

yer after yer heed spending all that on a jpeg

I will get to the headline later, Just got to say a few words first about this game. We have all properly at some point heard about that game. Three different types of keyboard warriors out there,
who care keyboard warrior Some don’t talk about it. They’re on the wait and see the side, probably watch at least one video, though wow then just went on with there gaming life. Trying no to take in all the hype .yeah they might try it when it’s released but until then there playing other game not thinking about it. Been a few time I wish I were like this.

Doom and glum, keyboard warrior Yep, we have all seen those post I wow do some folk spend to much time and energy hoping and wish the game will go bust and never be released. Wow, what happened to gamers it all used to be about the pew pew, but some just wanted the doom, and glum or is there that many trolls out there that have nothing better to do with there time than post about gaming failing. Had a friend tell me that gaming trolls are just folk that can’t play or ain’t good at a game so they take it out on everyone else(that could be true)you only need to go on Reddit to see those post.
One guy had put up a post about how star cit is going bankrupt, and the game will never be released, he should all the work he put into analyzing how much money they spend to how much they take in, you know how much time he must have put into that. Some need to learn to hey I’m not interested hey you have fun, then being hey I’m not interested so here how you shouldn’t be either.

defenders of the citizen keyboard warriors
I would be telling a lie if this wasn’t me.
somtime those doom and glum people seem to go too far that even the calmest person out there will have to speak up and say something.
Some defenders take it to the extreme, if you find a bug in the game or not sure if it is a bug, you just might have missed something, then talk about that bug They seem to go off at you with the oh look” another doom and glum troll post. I wonder if most are like that because they throw way to much money at a game that’s not finished, they get angry o that they take it out on anything that kind of puts the game down. If it frustrated them that much, they don’t go on the forums.
Talking about throwing money at this game have you looked to see how much money this game has raised. That is to much cash for a startup.but is it a lot for a AAA game nowadays?

Jpegs for sale, Is it blind faith to buy a jpeg concept of something that will make it into a game at some point. I do say some point as many ships that at the start of this project have still not seen the light of day.
You could say it all about helping fund the project, but at over 1k for some ships I can’t see sense in it I don’t .if you haven’t seen how much a few have spent on this game so far.

Please take a look; it will shock you.
The one its time for that part again.
the one reason why you should play this game
I don’t think you will ever find another game out here or even coming soon in the next few years that would even come close to this game, the depth, the vastness right now, puts a lot of AAA titles to shame
(not going to go on about how this game looks and run plenty of that out there)

The first time I sat in the cockpit of my ship and the animation that made that happen made me want more.
I went for more tock it for its first test crash up.
Pilot skills take a while to get right but wow what a crash. The design on these ships, plus movement, plus effect makes this game look and feels the way that you hoped it would. , you know right then that you didn’t “Regret” it.

THE ONE the one reason why you should try this game, is that you won’t regret it. Think about spending the price of one aaa game to buy into this cause if the game goes bust and you never played it then you might regret not playing!


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