Fallout 76

when you fallout with those devs

Well well well, what can I say. When you fallout with something it is a terrible feeling, the anticipating, the hype of looking at it for the first time drives you mad.
It is like going on a first date, thinking wow, this is it, this is what I have been waiting on.

Then after a few hours, the fallout starts. You start to notice and realize it is not what you expected, have you ever go on a date from one of those dating sites and the picture that’s shown and what you see on the first date is different, but you try to enjoy yourself non the less.

No matter how hard you try to enjoy it the little things keep nagging at you, you try hard not to fallout, but the more you try, the more you notice, the worst you fell the regret off time and money spent trying hard just not to fallout

when the fallout finally hits the disappointment is so real that it turns to anger, the thoughts the run through your head, why were we lied to, this isn’t what we got showed, you turn away from it never to touch it again, others tell you it isn’t for you, so you don’t try to enjoy it.
However, guess what? Even the worst things in the world can have one reason to like it.

The one The one reason to like it is the base building that’s what makes this games that is what can keep you going until they change their ways, just like a relationship, if you work hard to build that base together then yer halfway there to having a lifetime of fun. If you like base building, you should give this game a try. You only need to look at fallout Facebook pages to see how much time, fun and effort that has been put into some player base.
the one reason
base building

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