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Whyteknyght here

Just a little bit about myself and this website Been gaming for a long time, since the days of the BBC computer. I like to stream my games just for fun, have a few streaming channels that you can find the links for in the streaming tab.

The one is basically the one reason what makes a game worthwhile playing,

Most of my blogs will try and tell you what’s bad about a game. But without going into it too deeply, there is a lot of other bloggers and YouTubers, out there that will do that.

Then at the end, it will always be that one reason. yes, they could be others.

that one reason, at the end of each post.will have links under it, to a streaming site. Depending what site you like, you can click that and it will show you a video of the one reason.


all money will go to making this web page better


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